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Why Raw Honey?

Pure & Simple: The Healing Power of Raw Honey

Our raw honey formula is UNIQUE. Honey, sweet gift of our buzzing sisters the bees, is one of nature’s exceptional health offerings. Bees make it for themselves and their brood, to live on through the winter. It’s packed with everything they need. Raw honey also includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that are beneficial for us too!

We use premium ‘RAW’ local honey. The crystalline purity of B Dirty Co.’s honey is a result of the type of clover that grows in our Northerly climate. Raw honey is unique in that it hasn’t undergone any heat processing so results in a ‘RAW’ or uncooked product that leaves the beneficial “bee derived” compounds intact.

Enjoy the ‘Healing Power’ BDirty!

Honey’s ‘healing powers’ are thought to be derived from a variety of components. These compounds tend to be found in higher quantities in ‘RAW’ honey. Some compounds and benefits that have been attributed to ‘RAW’ Honey are:

ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTIFUNGAL. ‘RAW’ Honey contains powerful compounds known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Bee Defensin an antimicrobial peptide (AMP) is one such compound. It exists in 2 forms – Bee Defensin-1 and Bee Defensin-2. It is a natural part of the beehives immune system. This peptide is known as a strong antibacterial agent. ‘RAW’ Honey is fairly acidic with a pH of approximately 3.5. This aids in its antibacterial & anti fungal application. We know nothing that likes to grow or multiply ‘on’ or ‘in’ thrives in an acidic environment.

ANTIOXIDANT. Polyphenols are other naturally occurring compounds found in ‘RAW’ honey. First of all polyphenols are known to exert antioxidant properties on the body. In addition this helps the body protect against a range of ailments which are associated with oxidative damage. Essential Oil Booster is a common base for herbal medicines. ‘RAW’ honey to known to enhance and draw oils and medicinal components out of herbs.

SKIN CARE & HEALTH. ‘RAW’ Honey is a remarkable moisturizer, and can be applied straight on dry or chapped skin.

NATURAL PRESERVATIVE. ‘RAW’ honey contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which breaks down glucose sugars and generates hydrogen peroxide (a form of bleach), when there is free water available. WHAT? BLEACH IN YOUR HONEY? I can feel you wondering why bees would bleach their own food supply and it turns out that is very simple. Any available water can cause the honey to spoil. The presence of glucose oxidase in the honey is a natural built-in anti-spoiling mechanism, pretty smart huh? As a result, it creates a fantastic natural preservative.

Footnote: Respected publications including Scientific American acknowledge in articles the scientific basis of the healing power of ‘RAW’ honey.

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