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Our BDirty products were created and developed by our founder Kate. A yogini and former legal professional who after sustaining a life altering injury discovered the importance of natural sustainable living. As well as the negative effect of chemically based products on our overall health.  Kate is passionate about living a holistic lifestyle. She and her life partner recently moved to the beautiful Slocan Valley in British Columbia. They have designed an organic homestead with a vision of creating a permaculturaly designed landscape of fruit orchards and gardens. With of course an apiary home for our glorious sister bees! Kate also spends time in Vancouver, BC and Kipahulu Maui, Hawaii.

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A Personal Note from Kate

I personally started switching to natural & organic body products over 6 years ago. This was at a time in my life when my health was in a state of unbalance due to injury. As a result I found myself searching for ways to heal and find equilibrium. I began a process of reconsidering the choices I was making not only in my life, but also what impact the products I was choosing were having on the global community, my wellbeing and our environment.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs what is placed on its surface. Clogging my pores, which are meant to release sweat and in-turn toxins from the body seemed counterintuitive to maintaining balanced health and wellbeing.

Being a commercial antiperspirant user at the time, I hung in and persevered through some very “stinky” times. It took awhile for my body to detox from using chemical products. I tried many natural deodorants and did not find one that worked well for me. Deodorant is such a personal experience.

So I started to experiment with making my own. And after many failures and many years of trying, I finally created a formula that worked better for me than chemical deodorants!

I started to share my little gem of a product with the ladies in my life as baby gifts to help them stay fresh and aluminum-free during pregnancy and breast-feeding. They loved it!  And the funniest part was their husbands and partners loved it just as much…and BAM!  Deodorant theft was on the rise.

After some mass production to squelch the thievery, and some prodding and encouragement by these most loyal beings in my life, BDirty came to “bee”.

And now, I would love to share my little gem with you. I hope you love our deodorants as much as we do.


So bdirty! We’ve got you covered.

As an expectant mother for the third time, and one who plans on breastfeeding for many years, I’ve learned to be very careful about the chemicals I put into my body. One of the most challenging things has been finding a good natural deodorant, one without dangerous chemicals and aluminum, that actually works. Finally I tried Kate’s deodorant, and it’s amazing! It’s made with organic ingredients, is 100% natural, easy to apply, and it’s incredibly effective- better even than the chemical deodorant I used to use. It’s so nice to finally find a deodorant that does what it’s supposed to and poses no harm to me or my baby. Thank you Kate!
M. Taylor Stephens